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About Vicki

Vicki is the founder of Transcending Limits LLC, Host of the Becoming Unsilenced podcast, Author of the book Confidence Unchained!, and creator of the soon to be launched 1° Conscious Leadership Academy.

Vicki's mission it to grow transformational leaders who live thriving balanced lives and understand that influence and impact begin by turning inward first and outward second.  Only through individual growth and development can we lead stronger families, teams and businesses.

Because she believes in leading by living she has carefully cultivated her own joyful, balanced life which includes living a nomadic life that allows her to explore and experience the beauty of new cultures, people, experiences and food and warm climates!


Vicki has a broad range of experience developing leaders across various industries and size of company.  She works with individuals seeking personal growth to large companies developing leaders through focused leadership experiences and coaching.

Industry Experience

Real Estate | Advertising | Technology | Government | Finance and banking | Engineering & Aerospace | Human Resources | Manufacturing | Oil & Gas | Waste Management | Restaurant | Franchises | Software Development/Scrum Environments | Pharmaceuticals | Legal | Consulting

Vicki's approach scales:

Individuals | Non-Profit | Start-ups | International | Corporations | Entrepreneurs | Teams

Individual contributor | Manager | Leader of Leaders | Senior Manager & Directors | Executive Team | Business Owner | 

Experience & Education: 

✢ Nearing 2,000 individual coaching sessions

✢ Over 1500 hours or individual & group coaching

✢ Specialized Training in NeuroLinguistic Programming

✢ PCC Certification (See ICF Professional Certifications)

✢ 5 Years of Leadership Development Training with Synovation Valley Leadership Academy

✢ 20 Years of Leadership in Corporate Settings (5 Finance & 15 in Waste Management )

✢ Master's Degree of Life Experiences in being a working, single parent! 


I've chosen to live a life of leadership in service to my own health and wellness, my family, my clients, and all those whom I cross paths with.  I hope to enrich your life in some small way because you stopped by this site.

Against the Odds

Leading against the odds can be uncomfortable and it's an opportunity to growth the depth of one's leadership quickly! I was the first female manager in the Midwest for the Environmental Waste company I was employed with at the time. Being a female leader in a male dominated industry has it challenges: being discounted and dismissed as not having credible knowledge or experience, having to prove myself 2-3x more than my male counterparts, experiencing toxic managers who were not comfortable with women in leadership, and of course, being paid less than fairly in comparison to my peers.  

I turned these obstacles into gifts and opportunities to strengthen my self-confidence, learn how to communicate more clearly, and lead from the heart even when it wasn't popular. I learned how to navigate toxic work environments and still excel.  

Burnout and Imbalance

In 2017 I began to take notice of my increasing lack of motivation, feelings of being undervalued and underutilized, boredom and sheer exhaustion. I'd spent the previous years going non-stop between my professional commitments and raising 3 kids as a single parent. Everyone and everything else came first. I even contracted a heart virus around this time that knocked me down even further.  

It was about this time I met my first professional leadership coach.  Under her expert coaching care I began to explore the question:  What would a thriving life look like?  What would be possible if I could get past my own fixed mindset, and most importantly What would it look like to prioritize your happiness?

What's Possible & Career Transition

As I began to ask "what's possible?" I noticed what gave me energy - and what exhausted me.  I loved developing people and teams.  I loved travel.  This process led me to commit to taking action to shift into a career that allowed me to thrive ~ not just survive.  

That career, of course, is leadership coaching.  Using tools provided by my coach I developed a plan of action and took consistent action!  That action allowed me to leave my corporate career in 2019 and start my career as a Professional Coach developing Authentic Leaders.

Two years later in 2021 I packed all of my belongings into storage and began a travel lifestyle where I spend 4-6 months at a time in various locations.  My last two winters have been on the coast of Mexico where I enjoy winters way more than my native Nebraska!

Reclaiming My Self-Confidence and Mindset

It's possible I never really had it (self-confidence), and it's possible that a series of challenging situations as a child, followed by a failed marriage, a business failure, and a few other knocks just plain knocked what was there out of me.

Around 2010-11, I began to realize that it was vital for my happiness and success to develop greater self confidence.  I was full of self-doubt, second guessing, asking others for their opinions, fear of the what-ifs, and stuck in avoidance and procrastination.

With the help of some very wise leadership teachers, and mentors I began to regain that confidence, trust myself and my decisions and stop the second guessing.  This transformed my life.  I write about the 5 practices I developed during that time in my book Confidence Unchained!

Time Management

I've gone from someone who had back to back meetings and obligations booked from 9 am to 9 pm. My obligations were controlling me instead of my controlling my life!

Today, I drive how my time is used.  I set my calendar and appointments with deep intention and say no to opportunities that don't align.  

In our busy world taking back control of your life is a key fundamental of leadership!

Thriving instead of just surviving

Today I lead a thriving life on all levels: emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, and relationships. I know what it takes to get there.  Now I help others get there.  What does this all have to do with leadership?  Well, we lead ourselves first.  Then we lead teams and businesses.  

What would be possible in your business today if your leaders were personally and professionally thriving on all levels?

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