Individual Coaching

Vicki offers individual coaching sessions tailored to the length and desired level of growth of the individual.

Team Coaching

Team coaching gives a team that already works together an opportunity to come together in an innovative, creative space.  Team coaching can be focused on specific outcomes or leadership development.

Group Coaching

Group coaching brings together a group of individuals with a common role or objective who seek to grow together in a specific way or for leadership development.  For example group coaching could be focused for Sales Managers who manage different areas and have similar challenges and roles.

Executive Level Coaching

Executive level coaching can be individual or group.  Executive team that are focused may choose to have individual and group coaching for a period of time.  This allows each individual to focus on their specific areas of growth as it relates to larger group vision.

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Common Questions Asked About Coaching and Vicki's Responses

  • What topics can I cover?  What are topic's other people have talked about?
  • How does a coach differ from a consultant, mentor, trainer, counselor or therapist?

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