All courses provide Hybrid learning options combined with an emphasis on experiential learning.

I offer monthly courses that support leadership in life and business.  These courses focuses on key fundamentals that are talked about in almost every individual coaching experience. You can take them individually or in conjunction with individual or group coaching.

Course are a combination of teaching, application, evaluation, and reflection.

Transformation happens easiest with consistent steps over time.  These courses are your opportunity to grow your skillset, mindset, balance, and self-confidence through incremental 1° shifts adding up to significant transformation over time.


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Coming Soon - Conflict Free Communication

Learn how to say anything to anyone, with complete respect to everyone.  Stop stressing and staying awake at night dreading those difficult conversations.  In this class you will learn a 4-step communication framework that can be adapted to any conversation.  

With this frame work you can stop avoiding the conversations that keep you up at night and begin enjoying greater effectiveness in communication.  

Bonus:  When you learn this communication skill it enhances your influence, impact and presence.

A few places clients have used this framework:

  • Accountability 
  • Difficult clients
  • Performance management
  • Make conversations with Co-workers, spouses and teenagers easy and simple

Skills addressed: Self-awareness, curiosity,  communication, accountability

All about Triggers - Coming Soon

Get triggered much?  or maybe you trigger your coworkers a lot?  :) Triggers are emotional responses to people, behaviors or events. Why do they happen?  Whose fault are they? (triggerer or triggeree?) Can you do anything about them?

In this class we dive deep into the understanding of what causes triggers, how we can manage them in ourselves and others, and how to resolve issues that push our buttons and the buttons of others.  

Skills addressed:  Resilience, Emotional Regulation, Self-awareness, Mindset, Balance

Coming Soon - The Drama Triangle

Just in time for the holidays - this course comes at the perfect time to help you learn how to exit the Drama Triangle!  You may not even realize you are caught in it but that doesn't mean you haven't felt the effects of it's whiplash cycle.  The cycle often starts with a desire to help someone out and ends with you feeling resentful and possibly even more than a little anger.

Especially if you are someone who has a high level of empathy and desire to help others this class is for you. 

We will do a deep under the hood look at the Drama Triangle where the cycle goes like this: Hero/Helper/Rescuer --> Villain/Persecutor/Resent-or-->Victim/being Taken Advantage of.  You will identify where you are caught in these cycles and discover the exit ramp.  

You will leave this class with understanding and having experienced how to flip the triangle into a valuable tool for conscious leadership:  The Presence Triangle - which truly is a Present that will help you navigate forward with less stress, greater resilience, and more influence!

Skillset: Coaching, Communication, Boundaries; Emotional Regulation, 

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