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The only person you have to be committed to leading is yourself.

Are you seeking to find a path through a challenge or opportunity that life has presented you? Most people are driven to personal growth through challenges that arise or questions they can't seem to find the answers for. Some just know they have far more potential and seek to discover the greatest version of themselves.

Have you flown on an airplane recently and heard the instruction to secure your oxygen mask first before assisting others?

To truly be able to make an impact ~ whether for yourself, your family, business or team ~ it starts with learning how to invest in yourself first. 

You can not give what you don't have.

If you don't have happiness you can't help others find it.

If you are burned out you can not role model balance.

If you operate from self-doubt you can't inspire confidence in others.

In this space of personal leadership growth I challenge you to turn inward first to strengthen your foundation and find stability while designing the next version of what  a thriving life would look like. 

Wheel of Life

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching offers maximum opportunity for support, growth and change.  Vicki offers several options to meet the unique needs of each individual:

  • 2x/month 45 minute sessions 
  • 4x/month 30 minute sessions 
  • All inclusive (includes 4  30-minute sessions per month, 6-week Mindset Mastery, and access to all Hybrid courses)

Hybrid Course Experience

Hybrid courses offer a unique blend of video, live and recorded topics centered around the foundations of personal growth and development. 

6-week Mindset Mastery

Mastering their mindset proves to be one of the most transformational experiences desiring maximum growth. 

Discover how you can spend more time in wise, innovative, creative, energy-giving mindset instead of the draining, second-guessing, doubt filled mind space.  This experience is a combination of weekly video lessons, ap based mental fitness reps and weekly group coaching.

1° Conscious Leadership Academy

In this academy dedicate yourself to growing as an intentional conscious leader.  This is a 9 months program that focuses on emotional intelligence,  skillset, mindset, values and balance.  Learning to lead a higher levels grows your ability to impact and influence your team and organization.


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