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Transformation Happens 1 Step, 1 ° at a Time

Confidentiality is a vital part coaching ethics and creating a safe, powerful space for transformation.  Therefore, the privacy of the clients behind these referrals is protected!  Clients choose to work with Vicki from from very small entrepreneurial organizations to International Corporations and even those in life and career transitions.

Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC
Danilo - People Leader, Texas

“Here’s what I discovered was possible for me to change because of coaching:
During the one year I spent coaching with Vicki I went from being a newly promoted to a leadership role that had me so frustrated I almost wanted to throw in the towel - to being promoted again and being the connecting point for multiple teams while managing my own growing team!
Here are some specific ways Leadership Coaching Supported me!
*Learning how to not take things personally & manage my own emotions
*Learning how to convert self-doubt and inner critics into wisdom and confidence
*Conflict-Free Communication Framework - so I can navigate any difficult conversation with authenticity and respect (and not avoid them!)
*How to eliminate distractions and manage time effectively
*Change management - how to lead a team through uncertainty and corporate restructuring
*Established a networking practice that will support my professional growth ”

People Leader, Texas

Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC
Derek - Business Process Owner, Michigan

“Vicki was an exceptional coach during my first professional coaching experience. Her friendly approach, attentive listening, and skill at transforming insights into guidance made a profound impact. She helped me prioritize our sessions' focus and consistently challenged me with fresh perspectives. Vicki's holistic approach, addressing both work and personal aspects, enabled me to make meaningful progress in stress management, career planning, and communication. I'm truly grateful for her investment in my growth, and I wholeheartedly recommend Vicki to anyone seeking professional coaching.”

Business Process Owner, Michigan

Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC
J. E. - Executive Coach & Trainer, Chicago, IL

“I hired Vicki in 2022 to help me navigate a toxic work environment that was stealing my confidence. I felt scared, stuck and hopeless. She was able to help me clarify my values, name my boundaries, and call upon my own higher self through a creative visualization process. Vicki's sessions embodied what coaching is: a sacred place to ask the deeper, more profound questions that brings us out of the current stories and narratives into a place of creation and transformation. I was able to untangle myself from toxic interactions, reclaim my confidence, set and keep boundaries, and build the courage to make the move I've been dreaming about for over a decade. Vicki's own experience with challenging work culture helped me validate what I was going through, which was essential to my waking up and taking a stand for myself.”

Executive Coach & Trainer, Chicago, IL

Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC
Seth - Service Area Manager, Arizona

“All I can say is that the experience of coaching with Vicki has been nothing short of life-changing. We have in-depth, meaningful sessions every week that are helping me to gain empathy, grow my authenticity in leadership, and communicate more effectively at home and at work. Each session I’m challenged to think differently, try new things, and be more effective in my personal and professional life. My team at work is seeing the difference and my family is also commenting about some of the changes they have observed over the last few months.”

Service Area Manager, Arizona

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  • Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC

    “I have seen significant improvements in my relationship with my employees since I began coaching. Some previous problems have been corrected and I am working on solutions for others that I have learned new ways to approach and deal with.”

  • Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC

    “My confidence is back; I feel proud and happy to come back to work again and because of coaching we have shifted to a more positive work environment. ”

  • Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC

    “Coaching has helped me improve as a leader. I have new tools and skills to deal with difficult situations and my old way of getting frustrated no longer causes problems. I now follow through in much more effective manner which has made our team stronger and improved our organization.”

  • Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC

    “Coaching helped me make simple changes in my communication style so that is softer and more effective. This helped me create more impactful communication between departments that has helped everyone and gave me new more effective ways to conduct meetings. I love the accountability that keeps me on track.”

  • Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC

    “The Neuro-Linguistic exercise Vicki used with me was a game-changer! Removing my analytical thinking from the equation and allowing my creativity to help solve the challenge was eye-opening and mind-opening. I finally identified a root cause for a very long-standing issue and have a plan to resolve that obstacle.”

  • Vicki Haddock | Transcending Limits LLC

    “A few months ago I was on the verge of an absolute meltdown and extremely overwhelmed. Thanks to coaching with Vicki, today I can look into my past & into my future and smile at the way I process and handle difficult situations! I'm finally free to move forward to my future.”