Quarterly Check-In

We spend more time intentionally planning our vacations and activities for our teams and families than we do planning and reflecting on the forward progress we have made personally and professionally.

This event is designed for individuals who desire to consistently create an intentional time for reflection and planning.

This Hybrid Experiential Event* provides the opportunity to: 

PAUSE with other like-spirited leaders,

REFLECT on your last three months, and

PLAN the priorities for the next three months.

Create a one-page FOCUS Wheel to keep you on track.

Regular reflection and planning help you keep intentionally focused on the things that are important to you in life and business!  It allows you to pause, evaluate successes, and consider where course correction may be needed.

*Hybrid Experiential Event's are those where there is some learning and preparation prior to the event and the LIVE portion is focused on experiencing through application vs learning. 

Check-In Focus

This quarterly check-in will focuses on the following 5 areas. 

The first time you complete these resources it will take up to 60 minutes per resource to complete. It's not necessary to have them all completed prior to attending however, having them completed will allow more focus. If you have participated in coaching with me it's likely you already have some of them completed!

  • VALUESpart of our quarterly check-in will be reflecting on how your values have guided your decision making and where you want to be mindful of making values oriented decisions in the next three months!
  • SKILLSET - where have you grown your skillset and what skills are the next three months inviting you to focus on?
  • MINDSET - mindset mastery is key to maintaining self-confidence, creativity, focus. How did you do in the last quarter with your mindset?  What areas of mindset need strengthened for the future? 
  • BALANCE - what's your thriving life quotient right now?  To live a thriving life instead of just surviving life requires us to be mindful and take a whole life perspective to balance.  Take time to reflect on What's working and what needs adjusted.
  • FOCUS WHEEL - Keep your focus objectives for the next quarter through using the simple tool called a focus wheel.  

When you register for the Quarterly Check-in you will receive access to activities and directions for each of the five areas.