Mindset Matters Most!

How much of your mental capacity is used for self-doubt, second guessing, fear and worry vs how much of your mind is used for positive, innovative, wise, sage-like inspired action?

"Everything rises and falls on leadership." John Maxwell, one of my early leadership mentors said this quote. I'd like to go one step further to say:


Leaders rise and fall according to their mindset.

Mindset is one of the key pillars in the Eiffel Tower Leadership model.  The Positive Intelligence mental fitness framework identifies 10 common mindset traps that we all have.  The extent that we have them and how actively they work against us is unique to each individual.  

What's your confidence level?

Most leaders that come into my coaching space recognize that they have some self-sabotaging behavior that steals their confidence.  Most have lived with this behavior so long that is seems like an unchangeable part of their personality!  What they can see is the "visible weed" however, the root of  self-sabotaging behavior goes much deeper. Increasing level of confidence develop as you learn to pull the weeds of self-sabotaging, self-doubting mindsets.

What does negative mindset cost you?

Having a negative mindset can be a very costly condition. 

  • A negative mindset can keep you from pursing a promotion
  • Causes us to avoid needed conversations and actions
  • Delay's decisions it's time to make
  • Sleep when you are wrestling with how to deal with the latest problem
  • Steals energy (negative thoughts literally steal and zap your energy!)
  • Keeps you from taking healthy risks
  • Can lead to health problems
  • Keeps you feeling stuck 
  • Can drag down an entire team or company (have you heard of that one bad apple??!)
I understand...but I don't know how to change it...how do I get my mind to stop spinning!?

The problem isn't usually a lack of awareness about what it's costing you - the problem is it can seem hopeless that you can truly shift or change your perspective and mindset.  It's quite possible that before now you never even realized there was an option to dial back your internal critic.

Understanding Mindset
  • Mindset is less of a choice and more of a conditioned response
  • Negative self-sabotaging thoughts come from the survival area of the brain
  • When the survival area of the brain is active we are cut off from the prefrontal cortex which is where all of the higher functioning, wisdom and brilliance lives.
  • The brain is great at scanning for threats and keeping you on alert..which was really helpful for your prehistoric ancestors who needed to know if a tiger was about to chase them -- less helpful for you living in a modern relatively safe world!
  • You see what you look for! Cognitive bias says the mind only looks for more of what it's familiar with.  Negative mindset means you will see only the things in the world that back up that view.  (Did YOU see the Gorilla?)
Mental Fitness Resets Mindset

It is possible to shift our mindset.  One step, 1° at a time we can learn to SPOT the THOUGHT, practice mental fitness exercises which shift the brain back to the pre-fontal cortex, then re-frame that thought from a wise, innovative, creative positive mindset.

Mental fitness exercises use our five senses to bring attention back to the present moment.  This works with our VEGAS NERVE to shift us from an unhelpful state to a most resourceful state.

How do you develop mental fitness?

I offer a 6-week, hybrid experiential* learning experience that combines video learning, a mental fitness gym with guided activities, and a weekly group coaching session that guides you through these powerful mindset shifts.

Participants love the structure and the opportunity to share and hear stories that tell them they are not alone on their journey!

Individuals AND Teams!

You can opt to join the next experience on the schedule or consider signing up your team (business or family!) and doing the journey as a group. Use the button below to check on availability and pricing for upcoming sessions or to request information on customizing this for you business/team.

See Full 6 week Program description here

*Hybrid Experiential learning is a method of learning that combines traditional knowledge based learning with hands-on experiences that help you to use what you learn immediately. Knowledge based lessons are in video format and group sessions are participatory, experiential events.