Quarterly Check-ins are 90-minute guided events.  This 90-minute check-in gives you a consistent format from quarter to quarter to make sure you are staying true to the priorities you have established as important for you. This is a leader-guided group event that allows you space to reflect on your last 90 days, intentionally adjust what's working and what's not, and establish your intentional focus for the next 90 days.

You will gain access to the following resources used in the Quarterly Check-In: Discovering Your Values, Mindset Tracking Assessment, Balance for a Thriving Life, Focus Wheel.

This is a free event.  Register one time for access to all 2024 check-ins.


This is an ongoing Mindset Mastery group that meets twice a month.  It is designed for those who have completed a Positive Intelligence experience or the Mindset Mastery Mini-Academy.

The purpose of this program is to provide ongoing support for participants to continue increasing the amount of time they live in Sage Inner Guided Wisdom and lessen the amount of time that Judgement and Saboteurs impact thinking and decisions.