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Morning Mastery for Authentic Leaders: Balanced Mornings = Balanced Days

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How to Increase Balance and Have Less Hectic Days

(Update from the original post: March 2, 2020)

As a leader juggling numerous responsibilities, you likely find yourself trying to balance an endless task list, an overflowing email inbox, and the aspiration to be the parent you deeply wish to be.

I often see recurring themes among the leaders I work with: too much to do and not enough time to do it all. The demands seem to be ever-increasing, threatening to overwhelm anyone who dares to pause …

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The 5 F’s of Emotional Trauma Response in the Workplace: A Guide for Leadership Growth

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Introduction: Navigating Emotional Trauma Responses in Leadership

In the dynamic landscape of professional leadership, understanding and managing emotional responses is not just a personal endeavor but a crucial leadership skill. This article delves into the 5 F’s of Emotional Trauma Response — Freeze, Fight, Flight, Faint, and Fawn — and their profound impact in the workplace. As leaders, being aware of these responses in ourselves and recognizing them in others is essential for fostering a su…

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Unwrapping Authenticity: Redefining Value in Our Holiday Traditions

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This week, as I sat down to pen another blog post – part of my bi-weekly writing challenge – I found myself hesitating. Topics like the importance of vision for new leaders, a deeper dive into authenticity, and the link between empathy, people-pleasing, and stress circled my mind. While each topic holds its merit, none resonated with me this week. 

Then, life offered inspiration.

With Christmas approaching, my daughter's enthusiasm for organizing our family's Christmas list has b…

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